The First Class Meeting for 2019 Spring Semester

2019-03-08  Share

On March 8, 2019, the first class meeting for 2019 spring semester was held at the Centre. Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre, Dean of International School; Ms. Tan Yumin, RS&GIS expert of the Centre; Ms. Guo Yuanyuan, Program Director of the Centre; Ms. Cui Yizhuo and Ms. Yang Fan, class coordinators of the Centre, and all 2018 participants, attended the meeting.

The meeting was a summary of the work of last semester and the deployment of the new one. The study style construction was of utmost importance of this meeting.

At the beginning, Ms. Yang introduced the overall arrangements of class meetings of this semester. She gave some useful learning suggestions to the participants and encouraged them to participate in the construction of the Centre.

Next, Ms. Cui elaborated upon the upcoming event “United Nations/China Forum on Space Solutions: Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals” and “Poster Design Contest for China Space Day 2019”, and encouraged participants to take an active part in it.

Ms. Guo briefed the overall learning situation of the last semester, praised the outstanding participants, introduced the plans and arrangements for the new semester.

In response to the course performances and results, Ms. Tan made some criticisms and suggestions for the participants with unsatisfactory attitudes in learning, and further clarified the course requirements.

Mr. Weng made a concluding speech at the class meeting. He put forward the following suggestions:

1. The construction of academic style is the fundamental guarantee for the cultivation of talents in universities. A good academic style plays an important role in cultivating outstanding talents, which enables them to have a sound personality and a healthy psychological quality. The quality of education is the top priority of the Centre. The growth and performance of the participants represent the Centre’s vitality.  

2. Participants should learn from the models around them and make full use of the resources provided by the Centre to lay a solid foundation for their future.

3. High quality is an important feature of talents, which requires the participants to pay attention to the details and be strict with themselves. Participants must not only do their work well, but also take care of the Centre’s facilities, which is also the embodiment of high-quality talents.

He hoped that the participants would continue to work hard and do better themselves.

New semester, new atmosphere; “The more a man learns, the more he knows his ignorance.” This class meeting enabled the participants to have a clearer goal for their future study and life. It is believed that they will reap new excitement.