Beihang students attended UN/China Forum on Space Solutions: Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals

2019-04-26  Share

During April 24 to 26, 2019, UN/China Forum on Space Solutions: Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals was held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre, Dean of International School of Beihang University and fourteen (14) participants of the Centre were in attendance.

During the forum, Mr. GABRIEL ANDRES JAIMES ILLANES, Micro-satellite participant from Bolivia and Ms. ARPAWADEE NUNTREE, Space Law and Policy participant from Thailand gave reports respectively at Session 1 “Space user needs for the SDGs” and Session 4 “Space law and policy for the SDGs”.

Mr. GABRIEL ANDRES JAIMES ILIANES illustrated on the title “Space Technology & Mobile Communications Networks for Achieving UN2030 Agenda-SDG17: Case of Study in Bolivia”. The presentation considered an approach for terrestrial networks, satellite communications, wireless mobile generations and remote sensing uses which play a key role in different scenarios to achieve UN 2030 Agenda - Sustainable Developing Goals - SDG17 in the early future. Therefore, a case of study in Bolivia is analyzed with a comprehensive implementation of space technology applications in cooperation with a mobile communications operator for implementation of integral projects to support development of the country. Space technology evolution and 5G telecommunications, as prospective technologies in coexist, will reach to upgrade key features for direct benefits development of countries and support SDG17 initiative.

Ms. ARPAWADEE NUNTREE gave a report on “Thailand’s approach to space and satellite sustainability: reform space and satellite regulation Telecommunications Commission of Thailand”. As a member of the United Nations, Thailand has ratified numbers of the international agreements including SDGs. Thailand had implemented SDGs by launching the 20-Year National Framework and the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan. Thailand also launched the Thailand 4.0 Policy which is the ultimate goal of the 20-Year National Framework and implemented by the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan to bring social stability and wealth to Thailand by the application of digital technology.

During the forum, the Centre also established its own exhibition booth showing images and distributing brochures so as to present the achievements of the Centre and the development of Alliance of Regional Centres (Affiliated to the United Nations). The booth gained wide attention and appreciation from the participants.

Besides, five (5) Space Law and Policy participants were invited to attend 2019 China Space Forum hosted by Chinese Society of Astronautics and China Space Foundation.