Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2019: 7th Stop——SuperMap Software Co., Ltd

2019-05-16  Share


         On May 16th, 2019, MASTA and DOCSTA participants of the Centre visited SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. Here is the journal from MIZANUR RAHMAN, 2018 Bangladesh participant from MASTA RS&GIS:

“At first, Ms. Nicole Chen provided us some basic information about the company as here: Super Map is one of the leading GIS software and service provider which established on June 18, 1997, and has 38 branches with more than 4000 employees. This is the first listed GIS enterprise in China which covered 31.6% of the GIS market in China. They have more than 700 partners including different famous companies like Huawei, Microsoft etc. They also work in different countries including Japan, South Korea, Malaysia etc. The four key technologies of Super Map GIS include Cross-platform GIS, Cloud and Client Integration GIS, new generation 3D GIS and Big Data GIS.

After giving the basic information she showed us Research and Development Management system on the 2nd floor, also work pattern of different sectors and smart city plan by a presentation at that time.

Then Mr. Bill Lee gave us a detail introduction by a presentation about Super Map and it’s works. After presentation he patiently answered all questions of students about the stations all around the world. Mr Bill Lee also introduces us with the mobile and desktop-based software provide by Super map.

This visit was really very important for me as a student in RS-GIS major. It shows new things and gave a good idea about the work pattern of such a big GIS-based software company.”

SuperMap Software Co., Ltd is an innovative GIS platform software and service provider which was founded in 1997. SuperMap GIS product line is comprised of a full range of GIS platforms, including Cloud GIS, Component GIS, Desktop GIS, Mobile GIS and client SDK. SuperMap GIS is widely used in various fields and has become an advanced GIS platform software in China since 2015. The 4 key technologies of SuperMap GIS include Cross-platform GIS, Cloud and Client Integration GIS, new generation 3D GIS and Big Data GIS. SuperMap has established companies in Hong Kong and Tokyo for international business development. Also, SuperMap has developed lots of agencies and partners all over the world including South Korea, Malaysia, etc. to make more clients benefit from our leading GIS technology.