Selected Works of Poster Design Contest for Space Day of China

2019-04-22  Share

From March to April 2019, the Centre held Poster Design Contest for Space Day of China 2019 together with Qian Xuesen Youth Academy of Space, Education Committee of Fengtai District, Beijing Institute of Education Fengtai Branch, Experimental School of Beihang University, International School, Beihang University and the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Beihang University jointly.

The contest focused on the theme of the jade rabbit, festival commemoration, aerospace field and more, in various forms of paintings, graphic creations, graphic posters, photo collages, etc. The aim of the contest is to stimulate personage with diverse backgrounds in China and abroad, especially young people to embrace science, explore the unknown and be eager for innovation.

The contest has received wide attention and welcome from all walks of life. About two hundred (200) works have been received from a great many of teachers and students as well as aerospace fans of all ages all over the world.

On April 16, with the ending of the contest, two (2) First Prize, four (4) Second Prize, six (6) Third Prize and forty-one (41) Winning Prize were selected after comprehensive evaluation by the contest committee.

On the occasion of Space Day of China 2019, let’s appreciate some selected amazing works together, soaring imagination of the new era in the universe and pursuing dreams about aerospace.