Representatives of Beihang University attended GIS Software Technology Conference 2019

2019-11-01  Share

From October 30 to November 1, GIS Software Technology Conference 2019 with the theme of “Deep evolution of geographic intelligence” was held in Beijing . Under the guidance of the Ministry of natural resources, the conference was co-sponsored by China Geographic Information Industry Association, China Society of Surveying and Mapping, China Software Industry Association, China Geographic Society, Institute of Geosciences and resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and  SuperMap Software Co., Ltd. It attracted experts from more than 50 countries and regions, including China, France, Germany, South Korea and South Africa, 14 participants from the Centre attended the conference at the invitation of SuperMap Software Co., Ltd, a partner of the Centre.

The conference lasted for 3 days, with 1 Theme Conference, more than 10 thematic forums and 2 developer forums. Leaders and experts from government agencies, scientific research institutes, universities and enterprises from many countries and regions all over the world shared the latest GIS technology research results and innovative application cases, launched peak conversation and jointly discussed the new trend of industrial development.

During the conference, Mr. DOS SANTOS OLIVEIRA LUAN HENRIQUE, a 2017 Brazilian student who graduated from the Centre in June this year majoring in Small Satellite Technology, was invited to make a report at the sub forum. He introduced the main business scope and current market strategy in Brazil of his company (Beijing Zhi’ao Space Technology Service Co., Ltd. and GEOESPAÇO), which is started by him and Mr. XIE WANG DANIEL, 2017 RS&GIS participant of the Centre after graduation. At the same time, he briefly introduced the information, opportunities and challenges related to Brazil’s geographic information system market, as well as the projects in which the company is currently involved. In addition, he proposed to further promote China-Brazil cooperation and jointly develop Brazil’s GIS market. After the report, many companies expressed their willingness to cooperate with GEOESPAÇO.