FAQs : Visa, Scholarship and Daily affairs for International Students of Beihang University

2020-02-20  Share

Q1. When will the school start? Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?

Answer: According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the university has publicized the announcement on postponing the start of the spring semester of 2020. The starting time has not been determined yet. Once the starting time is determined, the university will inform everyone in advance. If you have not bought a ticket yet, please don’t buy it and wait until the start of the semester is determined. In accordance with the notification for epidemic prevention and control and the notice for postponement of the start of the university, we reiterate that you cannot return to the university before the university starts.

Q2.What will happen if I cannot return on time after receiving the notice of the university’s opening because of the flight cancellation or no suitable flight or other special personal reasons?

Answer: After the official start of the university, if you cannot register on time due to airline suspension or other aviation control reasons as well as the special personal reasons, please contact your administrator to apply for a leave (or late registration). The leave (or late registration) usually does not exceed two weeks. If the leave meets or exceeds the school's regulations on suspension, the suspension procedure shall be completed. If there are other reasons for failing to register on time, you need to ask for leave in advance. In addition, if you have already purchased the return ticket, we suggest that you cancel it or postpone it (many airlines now offer free policy on ticket refunds)

Q3.I'm not in China right now. My residence permit may expire before school starts. How do I deal with visa issues?

Answer: In such cases, please contact your teacher. For graduates, please contact Mr. GU WEI: guwei@buaa.edu.cnFor undergraduates, please contact MS. LIU XU: liu_xu@buaa.edu.cn before starting the university. International School will provide the guidance and help for your visa applications. But be sure to contact the staff at least three days in advance.

Q4.I am a scholarship student. Will it affect scholarship if I take leave or apply for a suspension after university starts?

Answer: After the university officially announces the start date, if you cannot arrive on time, you should apply for a leave or suspension in advance. According to the Beihang regulations of scholarship students, if the scholarship students leave China for more than 15 days during the schooling period (except normal holidays) due to personal reasons, their living allowance will be suspended during their absence. Application of Chinese government scholarship students for suspension of study must be submitted to Beihang University for review and approval. The suspension period must be less than 1 year. If the suspension of study is approved, the scholarship will be suspended during the suspension of university.

Q5. If I need "Proof of Study" and "Transcript", how to apply?

Answer: International School of Beihang University has adjusted the deadline for application on Postgraduates Program of Chinese Government Scholarship at Beihang University to March 31, 2020. For those students need the "Proof of Study" and "Transcript" to apply for the scholarship at Beihang University, please apply for these documents in the mid-March.

The students who need to apply for the "Proof of Study" and "Transcript” for other reasons, please contact your class advisor/ coordinator after 24 February, and the International School will offer the scan copy of “Proof of Study" and "Transcript" within 2 working days.


The Beijing Municipal Government has issued a notice that during the epidemic prevention and control period, all people who come to Beijing should stay at home or take a quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Beijing. Those who refuse to take measures for prevention and control such as home observation and centralized quarantine shall be held accountable according to law. Before returning to Beijing, you must report in advance to the faculty in which you live in Beijing and the community (village) where you live. During the epidemic prevention and control period, most hotels and guesthouses in Beijing have ceased operations. After you come to Beijing, it is likely that you will not be able to find a suitable place to live, and school will not be able to provide accommodation and places for centralized quarantine.

Therefore, again we strongly suggest you not to come to university or Beijing in advance before receiving the official notice of the opening the 2020 Spring Semester!