Notice on Poster Design Contest for China Space Day 2020

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Poster Design of China Space Day


Since its establishment in November 2014, Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (Affiliated to the Union Nations) (RCSSTEAP) hasbeen, according to the development model of “Hosted by University, Supported by Chinese Government, Internationalization, and IndustryParticipation (UGII)”, closely followedUN’sinitiative of “Promoting the peaceful use of space technologiesfor the benefit of all humankind”, to contribute to the international space cause together with tenMember States.

2019 is another milestone in Chinas aerospace construction with intensive launch. In this year, the Goddess Change-4probe successfully landed on the far side of the moon and sent back the first image of the moon via the “Queqiao” relay satellite, unveilingthe mystery of the far side of the moon for the first time. China launched its first “One RocketwithSeven Satellites”from the sea on June 5, filling a gap in maritime launches and enabling the country to have a more flexible and efficient launch mode. The successful maiden flight of the Jielong-1 Yaoyi rocket also ushered in a new era of commercial spaceflight in China. At the same time, the BeiDou system has entered the final stage of global networking. In November, the Long March IIIB carrier rocket launched the 50th and 51st BeiDou satellites into the sky in a “double-dart” mode. The Long March-5 Y3 rocket blasted off from China’s Wenchang space launch site in December, meaning the country has the ability to launch heavier spacecraft or send them farther into deeperspace.

Starting from 2020, China has “strivers” and “warriors” in various fields. In the test team of the launch site and on the front line of the most dangerous medical epidemic prevention, spacemen have carried forward the spirit of great courage and indomitable struggle. Let’s share the dreams of flying, the achievements of aerospace, the passion towardsthe world through the works of art and creativity. China Aerospace clause will continue to make more splendid achievements, lets keep the faith and advance towards the ultimate dream.


In order to better expand influence of China Space Day, carry on the spirit of space, popularize space knowledge and ignite the enthusiasm from teachers, students, especially the teenagers at home and abroad, Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (Affiliated to the United Nations) (RCSSTEAP for short) hereby holds Poster Design Contest for China Space Day 2020.All selected works will be published on the official website of RCSSTEAP.

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March 10 - April 10, 2020


- Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (Affiliated to the Union Nations) (RCSSTEAP)

- Qian Xuesen Youth Academy of Space

- Education Committee of Fengtai District, Beijing

- Beijing Institute of Education Fengtai Branch

- Experimental School of Beihang University

- Aerospace Knowledge

- International School, Beihang University

- Department of Industrial Design, School of mechanical engineering and automation, Beihang University


Participants should follow the three themes below. Forms of designed poster, hand drawing, photography collage and animated GIFs are all welcomed.

Theme A: Art design of the collective effort of 5 continents, or the spirit of tenacious struggle and indomitable self-improvement. The graphics used can be related to aerospace;

Theme B: China Space Day;

Theme C: Other Space relevant designs, such as: launch vehicles, Goddess Chang’e 4 lander, Lunar rover Yutu 2, images of far side of the moon, etc.

Expected Participants

Domestic/international teachers and students, alumni, aerospace cultural enthusiasts are welcomed to participate.


The contest only accepts online submission. Every participant can submit more than one poster conforming to the format through E-mail. Series of posters in the same theme will be considered as a single work.

Works should be Vertical version, poster size A2=H594*W420mm, in color format CMYK, Format JPEG. Please submit two versions: low res (72 dpi) and high res (300 dpi). The maximum size of the file should be no more than 4 M. If you send several works, please add them to a RAR Package through WinRAR. The maximum of the RAR should be no more than 50M.

Please click to download Application Form and read the specifications carefully.

Deadline:24:00 April 10, 2020



Two first prizes, four second prizes, six third prizes, and several selected works.

1st prize: 800RMB, Certificate

2nd prize: 500RMB, Certificate

3rd prize: Souvenir, Certificate

All selected works: Certificate

Notice: after the entries are selected, outstanding works will be singled out and used in the promotion activities of the regional center.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms. Cui Yizhuo


Notice: due to the large number of participants, the winning authors will receive relevant notices and certificates after the awards are concluded, and those who have not won will no longer be notified. The list of winners will be postedon the official website of RCSSTEAP. Thanks for your support and participation!