Call for works on “Study at Beihang - in the Days of Fighting the Epidemic” (Second Notice)

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Dear International Students:

Since February 10th, the contest of “Study at Beihang-in the days of fighting the epidemic” has been started, we have received dozens of excellent works with rich content and various forms. We will continue to publish the works in the “Study at Beihang” WeChat public account. Based on the current epidemic situation, and in response to the requirements of international students, we have decided to continue the essay contest of “Study at Beihang -in the days of fighting the epidemic”, please continue to actively contribute your works and record your anti-epidemic stories.

Activity Theme

To popularize scientific knowledge of epidemic prevention and publicize the stories and videos of the internationalstudents studying atBeihang University under epidemic prevention and control, thus to strengthen the confidence of all the teachers and students, and gather strength to win the fight against the coronavirus. Beihang University encourages everyone to record what they have seen, heard, thought, and felt in the “anti-epidemic” life during the winter vacation, to promote the positive energy of society, and to express their determination to combat “epidemic”.

Expected Participants

All the international students of Beihang University

Submission Guidelines

1. The content must be relevant to the current epidemic situation, could be posters, videos, paintings, poems, articles, etc.

2. All works must indicate the author’s student number, Full name, E-mail address, and telephone number at the end of the manuscript.

3. Selected works will be published on the WeChat public account of “Study at Beihang”.

4. The manuscript can be attached by pictures and your photo.

5. The word count should be less than 2000 words.

Following the principles of fairness and the spirit of “green contest”, this contestonly accepts original works(No limit toliterarystyle)by online submission. Each participantcan submit one piece of workin WORD, with the filenamed as “Essay_Participant’s Name_Student IDNumber_Telephone Number.

Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously. International Schoolof Beihang Universityreserves all the right for the final explanation.

Submission Email:


This contest has set up 1 grand prize, 5 first prizes and 10 second prizes. Certificates and material awards will be given to the winners.

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2020