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About the Course

There are 7 lessons in the English Version of "Survival in Space".

From the angle of requirements of mankind’s development in space, such as short-term manned spaceflights, low-Earth orbit space stations and Lunar / Martian bases, we will illustrate the importance of life support technology for the implementation of space missions.

We will introduce principles of existing life support technologies, development of life support technologies for long-term survival of mankind in outer space in the future, and achievements made by the mainland of China in this field.

Taking "Lunar Palace 1" life support system as an example, we will explain scientific principles of the Bioregenerative Life Support System, key technologies and ground applications for long-term survival of mankind in outer space, and knowledge for protecting mankind physiological and psychological health.

We will guide you to think about the life support system on which humans depend to survive on the earth – the earth ecosystem, from the scale of the universe. You would thus understand operating principles of the earth’s ecosystem and their importance for mankind survival and development.

Dr. LIU Hui, an experimental volunteer and crew captain of "Lunar Palace 365" experiment, will talk about her life and feelings in the Lunar Palace 1.

The complete version of this course is only available in Chinese (named 太空生存, which is “Survival in Space” in Chinese) on China University MOOC (icourse163) and School Online (xuetangX) platforms.

About Speakers

LIU Hong, professor, leader of the course, responsible for the 1st–5th and 7th lectures. LIU Hui, post-doctor, responsible for the 6th lecture.

Professor LIU Hong is the chief designer and chief scientist of "Lunar Palace 1", an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, and a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. She won the "2019 China Labor-Day-Women Medal" and many other honors. She has published 3 monographs and more than 160 papers on major academic journals and academic conferences, including more than 110 SCI papers. She also obtained 37 Chinese invention patent authorizations.

Dr. LIU Hui is an experiment volunteer and crew captain of "Lunar Palace 365" experiment.

Both lecturers belong to the course operation team — "Lunar Palace 1" team, which won the "2019 China Youth 5·4 Medal" and other honors.

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