Online Class Meetings: Participants of the Centre during the period of COVID-19

2020-05-31  Share

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Beihang University has followed the regulation of the municipal government of Beijing and took a series of actions to ensure the safety of the students on campus. Meanwhile, class meetings have gone online to answer the questions of the participants in or out of China and deliver the newest situation of COVID-19, also the policy of Beijing and Beihang University. Here is a journal from 2018 MASTA participant ALI HASSAN that gives us a glimpse of the class meetings held:

    “In January 2020 New Corona Virus disease spread across China and subsequently to other countries. To stop spreading of this virus, Chinese authorities decided to lock down the country including international borders, etc. Unfortunately, lockdown could not be lifted after winter holidays due to the situation of cases, hence it was not possible for the students to come back and join the university for regular studies. It was devised in time to take online classes and meetings to avoid studies loss and safety of everyone. In this background International School, Beihang University and the Centre adopted the policy immediately and started taking online classes of foreign students and conducted online meetings.

First Online Class Meeting: Mar 14, 2020

The first online meeting of the Spring Semester was held on 14th March 2020 between coordinator and class monitors. The Centre updated monitors with current COVID-19 situation, Daily Health Reporting and about the situation of upcoming days. On the other side, monitors shared their class group students’ status with Centre and forward questions of their class groups to the Centre for answer like return of students and online examination and scholarship etc. Monitors had separate meetings with their class groups to share the meeting agenda.

Second Online Meeting: April 30, 2020

After students submitted their Midterm Thesis Defense, the Centre called for second monitors meeting to share and discuss matters. Meanwhile the Centre kept collecting information of students for various purposes through class monitors and give feedback. In this meeting the Centre updated monitors about the current situation of COVID-19 in China and Beijing. Disease spread outside China was also shared by students from their home countries. The Centre informed students about the CSC application procedure in coming months and encouraged them to focus on study and keep positive.

Third Online Meeting: May 26, 2020

Before Thesis final defense, another meeting was called by the Centre to keep in touch with students. Ms. Yang updated us with latest anti-epidemic situation and other useful informations. The Centre has initiated a plan to establish a Graduation Booklet for 2020 Graduating Students. The memories and pictures collected from students will be used to make it for memorizing reason.”

Online Class Meeting will be regularly held for participants of the Centre in the future to discuss their problems, answer their doubts, and provide them with latest information. Wherever you are, the Centre and International School will go through this difficult time together with you.