Tan Yumin

Title: Associate professor

School: School of Transportation Science & Engineering


Research in GIS /RS application areas, including data processing, analysis and modeling, and also the integration application of low-altitude remote sensing technologies on environmental monitoring.


2001.9-2004.6: PH.D. in Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Science, Specialty: Cartography and GIS

1998.9-2001.7: Master Degree in Tsinghua University, Specialty: Geodesy and Survey Engineering

1994.9-1998.7: Bachelor Degree in Guilin University of Technology, Specialty: Survey Engineering


2004.7- now:  teacher, School of Transportation Science & Engineering, Beihang University

2010.9-2010.12 visiting scholar, University of Waterloo, Canada

2013.1-2013.02 research cooperation, in California State University, San Bernardino


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