Notice on the Course in Legal Issues related to RS&GIS

2017-02-27  Share

The course in Legal Issues related to RS&GIS by Prof. Gabrynowicz will start from Feb. 28 in room 505 of International School.

Purpose and Role of the Course: To provide law students and non-law students with an overview of the basic legal context for, and the key legal concepts and terminology of, remote sensing law and policy.

Schedule of the Course

Class 1: Introduction and international remote sensing law, Part 1

Class 2: International remote sensing law, Part 2

Class 3: National remote sensing laws, Part 1

Class 4: National remote sensing laws, Part 2

Class 5: Disasters Charter

Class 6: Archiving and Data Issues

Class 7: Related Issues

Class 8: Student Presentations

Class Format: Lecture, discussion, questions and answers

Test and Examination: Each student will be tested by making a short presentation on a remote sensing topic of his or her choice. The length of the presentation will depend on the number of students in the class.

This course is compulsory for all students in Space Law program. Other students are also welcomed to attend this class.

Introduction of Prof. Gabrynowicz

Prof. Gabrynowicz is Professor Emerita, Director Emerita, Journal of Space Law Editor-in-Chief Emerita. She has been teaching space law and remote sensing law since 1987 and was the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Space Law for 12 years. She was Research Professor and Director of the National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law of the University of Mississippi School of Law (2001 – 2013) and Professor of Space Studies and Director of Graduate Studies at the Space Studies Department of the University of North Dakota (1987 – 2001). She is currently teaching at the Beijing institute of Technology School of Law.