Participants of the Centre Attended “International Music Education and Communication” Concert

2017-12-28  Share

Upon the coming of new year of 2018, the concert on “International Music Education and Communication” was held by Central Conservatory of Music and the Centre at Recital Hall of Central Conservatory of Music on December 29th, 2017. The concert was performed by about ten (10) master and doctoral students of Central Conservatory of Music under the guidance of four professors, named Mr. Tan Longjian, Ms. Liu Yuening, Ms. Zhang Lexin and Ms. Zhao Xiaoxia. Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre and Dean of International School, Beihang University, participants of the Centre and undergraduate students of Beihang University, about eighty (80) people in total, attended the concert.

Combining Chinese music and western music together, the concert presented audience with wonderful performances, like Pipa duet, ensemble of Zheng and flute, ensemble of Zheng and piano, and brass ensemble, which received warm responses. At the concert, there were some interactive parts in which master and doctoral students in music and instrument related majors from Central Conservatory of Music introduced structure, playing skills and history of both Chinese instruments (including Pipa, Chinese dulcimer, and Zheng) and western instruments (including French horn and clarinet). In addition, the performers gave a vivid introduction of electronic music, the integration of music and modern technology. All the participants actively engaged in the interaction and learned to play different instruments in person, which led to a lively atmosphere.

After the concert, the students visited the music museum on the campus of Central Conservatory of Music. In the museum, the students earned a more comprehensive understanding of the development of Chinese music and Chinese traditional instruments by various kinds of instruments displayed there. They spoke highly of this activity, as it not only gave them an opportunity to listen to Chinese music, but also helped them better understand Chinese culture and inspired their interest in learning Chinese instrument. Today’s concert, a great festival for New Year celebration, provided a music feast for international students from Beihang University.