Final Class Meeting for 2017 Fall Semester

2018-01-23  Share

On January 23rd, 2018, the final class meeting for 2017 fall semester was held at Room 505, International School of Beihang University. Prof. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre and Dean of International School, Ms. Guo Yuanyuan, Program Director, Ms. Cui Yizhuo and Ms. Wu Ke, Student Advisors, and all current students of the Centre were in attendance for this class meeting.

First of all, Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre, summarized the work of educational training and international exchanges of this semester, introduced upcoming events related to outer space affairs, and encouraged students to participate more actively in all kinds of activities of the Centre, In addition, Prof. Weng made positive comments on all MASTA and DOCSTA students’ academic performance in 2017 fall semester. He hoped that they could work harder and make contributions to the development of space technology for their home countries in the future.

Then, Ms. Guo Yuanyuan gave a brief introduction on the course arrangement and academic calendars of each program for the next semester, and talked about admission information for 2018 MASTA and DOCSTA Programs. Ms. Guo extended her best wishes to all students ,hoping them do better on academics in the next semester at the end of her speech.

Ms. Cui Yizhuo demonstrated Newsletter, the main publication of the Centre, and reviewed on all important events of the Centre in the past year of 2017, in which Ms. Cui also hoped the participants join more actively in all activities while strengthening the cohesion of the Centre.

At last, Ms. Wu Ke notified participants of rules of activity participation, website construction, and cautions for winter vacation, and organized student presentations on featured activities of the Centre. Three (3) participant representatives, MUHAMMAD ARSALAN from Pakistan, SM SUJAUDDIN PATHAN SHIBLEE from Bangladesh and UZCATEGUI MELEAN ROBERTO JESUS from Venezuela, did presentations on 2017 International Training Workshop on BeiDou Technology and Its Application, the 3rd Meeting of the Governing Board of the Centre, and Technical Visit to Donggaodi Youth Science and Technology Museum, in which they talked about the activity content and their thoughts on them.

Together with the hard work of all participants and staff of the Centre, this semester has successfully ended. Wish everyone a good holiday! Wish the Centre a brighter future!