New Era, New Semester

2018-03-05  Share

The Chinese Spring Festival heralds the coming of spring. As everything comes back to life and the campus becomes vigorous again, we embrace the first new semester in this New Era. After full preparation and school clean-up, the Centre is now ready to welcome all participants back to school with vigor and tidiness.

In the new semester, persisting on the truth-seeking and pragmatic work style, the Centre will continue to improve educational work on 2018 new participant enrollment, midterm assessment, thesis proposal and thesis defense. At the meantime, the Centre will organize an international training course on “Space Cooperation for Global Health” on the occasion of “China Space Day” in April, and keep on launching yearly activities, like “Post Design Contest for China Space Day 2018”, “Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2018”, “International Cultural Festival”, etc., to celebrate UNISPACE+50 in June 2018. In addition, enhancing cooperation with the Member States and space agencies in other countries, and improving information-sharing platforms including our official website and WeChat Platform are also important missions of the Centre this year.

New semester is a new start. Let’s rewrite a brand new chapter for space technology application education with our strong will, pragmatic style and innovative spirit!