Intercultural Activity was Held at the Centre

2018-04-11  Share

In order to take advantage of various cultural backgrounds of participants and build up international and diverse cultural environment, the Centre is going to have intercultural activities since 2018 Spring Semester. Divided by nationality, participants will work in group and give group presentations on their cultures and the cultural differences between Chinese culture and their home cultures. Through the cultural presentations, participants from different countries could learn more about each other and get adjusted into campus life and the Centre’s environment much easier. At the same time, this intercultural activity can also help to improve the international influence of the Centre and provide opportunities to build up characterized Centre Culture.

On April 11th, the Centre held intercultural activities during the 2nd Class Meeting in 2018 Spring Semester. Participants from 2016 & 2017 MASTA/DOCSTA Program were in attendance of the meeting. The Class Meeting was hosted by Ms. Wu Ke, student advisor of the Centre.

First of all, Ms. Wu Ke did a brief introduction to Chinese Culture from the aspects of basic information of the country, foods, clothing, religions and beliefs and architecture, etc.; and compared Chinese Culture with American Culture to raise participants’ awareness of cultural differences.

Subsequently, participants from Algeria and Bangladesh showed cultural presentations on their countries respectively. BLALA HAMZA, a DOCSTA participant, and CHARAF SENHADJI, a PhD student from International School introduced Algerian Culture through an interesting video and a vivid presentation. Then, Bangladeshi group, SUJAUDDIN PATHAN SHIBLEE, a DOCSTA participant, and S.A.M. ARIF-UL-HAQUE, a MASTA participant in Microsatellite showed their culture from aspects of basic information of the country, foods, clothing, college life, traditional customs. These two wonderful cultural presentations received warm response from all participants.

The 1st Intercultural Activity won high praise from participants. Many of them said that, this kind of culture-experiencing activity was both enjoyable and knowledgeable, making them not only enjoy the beauty of different cultures but also learn some knowledge about culture features and different customs.