Representatives and Participants of the Centre Invited to Attend the Conference on Science Literacy

2018-09-19  Share

From September 17 to 19, 2018, the 1st World Conference on Science Literacy, organized by China Association for Science and Technology, was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was “Promoting Public Science Literacy, Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”, and the objective was to facilitate the in-depth discussion about a multilateral negotiating, constructing, sharing and promoting mechanism that could call on the scientific professionals all over the world to handle the upcoming challenges and opportunities of future society in terms of promoting public science literacy, so that all human beings could enjoy the intellectual results and the scientific-technological civilizations. The Keynote Speeches, Plenary Forums, Panel Discussions and Parallel Sessions were launched on the topics of “Science Literacy and Overall Development of Human Beings”, “Science Literacy and Sustainable Development”, “Science Literacy Promotion and Scientists' Responsibilities” and “Science Literacy Promotion: Innovation and Development”. Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre and Dean of International School, and more than ten (10) participant representatives were invited to attend the conference.

As one of the important Parallel Session of the conference, “Space Exploration and the Future of Mankind” Forum, organized by Chinese Society of Astronautics, was held on September 18. Mr. Li Guoping, Director General of the Department of System Engineering, China National Space Administration, Dr. Li Yinghui, Deputy General Designer of China Manned Space Engineering Astronaut System and the Director of the National Key Laboratory of Space Medicine & Application of the Chinese Astronaut Scientific Research and Training Center, Mr. Steven Richard Eisenhart (USA), Senior Vice President - Strategic & International Affairs, Space Foundation, Prof. Zhao Yun, Professor and Head of Department of Law, University of Hong Kong, Dr. Mamoru Mohri, Chief executive Director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) and the first Astronaut in Japan, were invited to deliver speeches. Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Centre and Dean of International School, reported the keynote speech “Sitting on the Earth and Going into Space: Viewpoint on Space Exploration”. Images were prepared to show the myths and tales, the astronomical observation instruments and the China modern space engineering programs in the two periods of human’s space exploration. The speech demonstrated the space exploration achievements of the Chinese nation, introduced the human’s intellectual and technical results in an artistic way, looked into the bright future of the space exploration. It was expected to promote the public space science literacy and improve the popularization of the Space Science.

During the break of the conference, the participants actively consulted the speakers for advice, and expressed their wish to get more opportunities to know deeply about the newest information about the Space Law, to broaden their knowledge view, and contribute to the sustainable development of the space exploration and the popularization of the Space Science.