The Centre Held the Second Class Meeting for 2018 Participants

2018-10-25  Share

On October 25, 2018, coinciding with the 66th anniversary of Beihang University, the Centre held the second class meeting for 2018 MASTA & DOCSTA participants in Room 505, International School, Beihang University.

In order to let students better understand Chinese culture and deepen their understanding of each other, Ms. Yang Fan, Coordinator of the participants, introduced the Chinese national profile to the students with the theme of Ethnic Groups in Chinaand introduced the distribution, population, customs, characteristics and of Han nationality, Mongolian nationality and Uygur nationality in detail.

BEYMAR FERNANDO HUCHANI QUISBERT from Bolivia, South America, presented a wonderful country with cute alpacas, beautiful Lake Titicaca, and the lively Oruro Carnival.

NAZMUL HASAN SUJAN from Bangladesh, made everyone feel refreshed by introducing its own country in an all-round way with its history, geographical location, religion, language, animals as an entry point.

The class was successfully held as scheduled. The participants strengthened their understanding of cultural differences in various countries, improved their cross-cultural communication and adaptability, and better integrated into the diversified campus life of Beihang University.