The 2nd GNSS Short Training Program of China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center Held in Sudan

2018-09-25  Share

From September 24th to 25th, 2018, organized by China Satellite Navigation Office and supported by Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization, the 2nd GNSS Short Training Program of China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center was held by Beihang University in Sudan.

Mr. Ma Jiaqing, Vice Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, and and Mr. Mohammed Bin Omar, Secretary General of Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization, announced the opening-up of the training program. Mr. Yang Dongkai, Professor of School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University, and Mr. Wu Falin, Associate Professor of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering, Beihang University, attended the series of activities. As the representatives of BeiDou International Communication Training Centre, they held the BDS/GNSS educational training jointly with Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization. During the training, six (6) experts from Beihang University, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, China North Industries Corp., and ComNav Technology Ltd. introduced the situation and applications of BeiDou System, BeiDou foundation reinforcement system and high accuracy applications, BeiDou high accuracy productions, BeiDou applications and Precision Agriculture, principles of BDS and GNSS Systems, and the technologies based on BeiDou Navigation System like Modern Agriculture Cloud Service. More than one hundred and sixty (160) participants from five (5) Arab League countries attended the training. The reports helped the customers of Arab League have a better understanding of BeiDou and its applications in Intelligent Agriculture, and served as a good propaganda to promote the generalization of BeiDou Navigation System in Arab region.

China-Arab BDS/GNSS Center was jointly founded by China Satellite Navigation Office and Arab Information and Communication Technology Organization in April 2018 in Tunisia. The objective is to facilitate the implement of China-Arab Talents Project, cultivate the professional and technical talents in satellite navigation filed together with the African and Arab countries, and improve the application of BeiDou System in “Belt and Road” countries.

The activity was widely appreciated and reported by Sudan Daily and Sudanese TV station. The participant representatives showed great interest in BeiDou technology and applications, and expressed their strong wishes to promote the efficiency of agricultural production and develop Intelligent Agriculture by using the BeiDou System.