Director of ARCESSTE-E in Nigeria Visited RCSSTEAP

2018-04-17  Share

On April 12th, 2018, Dr. AGBAJE Ganiyu Ishola, Director of African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education - in English Language (ARCSSTE-E) paid a visit to Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China, RCSSTEAP for short). Prof. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of RCSSTEAP, Dean of International School, Beihang University warmly welcomed the visitors.

On behalf of RCSSTEAP, Prof. Weng Jingnong welcomed Dr. AGBAJE Ganiyu Ishola, and introduced overall situation of the Centre from aspects of personnel education, capability building, international cooperation, etc. Dr. AGBAJE Ganiyu Ishola thanked RCSSTEAP for its great contribution to help improve the capability in personnel education and space technology for Africa, especially for ARCSSTE-E, and he said he would fully support all kind of work of RCSSTEAP and promote exchange and cooperation on space technology globally.

Subsequently, Dr. AGBAJE Ganiyu Ishola visited the computer lab, distance education and video conference room, RS&GIS lab, STA library, publication show window, participant archive shelves, etc.

On April 17th, AGBAJE Ganiyu Ishol was invited to made a lecture for participants of “Training on Space Cooperation for Global Health”, titled in “Improving Health Outcomes through the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure - Experience from a Summit (Nigeria)”, and won warm response from participants.

African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education - in English Language (ARCSSTE-E) was founded on November 24th, 1998, aiming to improve capability of space science and technology application of native educationalist in English Language area of Africa and promote sustainable development regionally and nationally. The Centre has some educational fields in space science and technology, like RS&GIS, Satellite Weather and Global Climate, Satellite Communication, and Space and Atmospheric Sciences for master’s students.

Currently, ARCSSTE-E has recommended six (6) master’s students and two (2) doctoral students to study at RCSSTEAP. One master’s students in Space Law field has graduated in this January with a master’s degree in law.