Participants of the Centre Competed in the 15th CASC Cup Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition of China Institute of Space Law

2018-12-23  Share

From December 22 nd - 23rd , 2018, ManFred Lachs International Space Law Moot Court Competition, organized by China Institute of Space Law, was held in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The competition was supervised by Mr. Gao Guozhu and Ms. Gao In the competition, the team formed by Ms. SURUCCHAWADI SEWEEWANLOP, Ms. AISHIN BARABI and Ms. ANA PAULA CASTRO DE PAULA NUNES, participants of the Centre, won the Third Prize. Ms. SURUCCHAWADI SEWEEWANLOP Along with her Co-counsel, AISHIN BARABI, won the Outstanding Oralists. Mr. Gao Guozhu and Ms. Gao Qi won the Best Organizer.

By participating in the Lachs Moot, participants of each team developed valuable analytical and advocacy while simultaneously learned about the core contemporary issues in International Space Law. These experiences will help them shape successful careers in different areas of legal practice in their lives. Some of the participants shared their views regarding the competition:

“It was a serious commitment since the very beginning stage, teamwork really matters for every single step. Abundant legal researches, finding case studies, finding the legal authorities to support the claims, most importantly, being professional, are the main key for this competition, in which our team was trying hard to achieve. I feel very honored to have participated in the inaugural Space Law Moot Court competition. All facets of the Space Law Moot Court Competition has been helpful while handling issues in multiple disputes and situations around the globe. I’m thankful and grateful for the competition and I hope others will have similarly memorable experiences.”


“When I heard about the possibility to be part of the team in this year Moot Competition, I was very excited. Mainly because I have never thought I would have a chance to participate in such a competition since there’s no Latin and South America round and also because I am an Aerospace Engineer. Personally, the experience was very regarding. The preparation period was very intense and time-demanding, but I have learned so much about Space Law and Policy classes at Beihang University. Even though it was my first time, I could see this year’s competition level was very high and we were competing against one of the best Law Schools of China. I am positive we did our very best and it was a pleasure representing BUAA.”


“World of practice and professional experiences, is always different from academic world and theories. This rule is also applicable in legal majors. As a law student, moot court is an opportunity to use your knowledge as a real lawyer to solve legal problems which helps you to deeply understand what you have studied before. Also this competition, like every other competitions, helps you figure out your weaknesses and strengths and gives you courage not only to face your fears and weakness but also to improve your strength. So if you have enough time and courage to participate in moot court competition, why not? ”

— AISHIN BARABI, Space Law and Policy

The ManFred Lachs International Space Law Moot Court Competition is the annual World Class Moot Court Competition organized by the China Institute of Space Law. The competition consists of four major regions: Asia Pacific, North America, Africa and Europe. The champion teams in each region will represent the region in the global finals. Three (3) judges of the International Court of Justice will present themselves in the finals, and thus the competition became the highest-level Moot Court Competition in the world.