• 2015/10/16

    RCSSTEAP development strategy workshop held in Beihang University

    October 16, 2015, Regional Centers for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (hereinafter: RCSSTE...
  • 2015/09/26

    Mid-autumn Day Tea-party 2015

    On September 26th,2015, in an atmosphere of joy, the current international students of MASTA and DOCSTA gathered together to celeb...
  • 2015/09/25

    Construction of RCSSTEAP Website and Hall

    The website of RCSSTEAP has initiated,the design of vertical wall and image wall has been completed
  • 2015/09/22

    Training Program on “Earth Observation Technologies for Earthquake Damage and Loss Assessment”

    From September 17th to 22nd ,2015, training program on “Earth observation technologies for earthquake damage and loss assessment” ...
  • 2015/09/16

    UN-SPIDER 2015 Annual Meeting in Beijing

    Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the Center made a special report and held the seminar of the third workgroup in UN-SPIDER...
  • 2015/06/17

    Painting Exhibition on China’s Space Exploration and Achievements

    On June17th,2015, “Painting Exhibition on China’s Space Exploration——Flying with the Wings of art”, which was jointly organized by...
  • 2015/05/16

    Students Participated in The International Cultural Festival of Beihang University

    The fourth International cultural festival of Beihang University was held in front of the Beihang Aerospace Museum on May 16th of ...
  • 2015/06/01

    Satisfactory Conclusion of the Enrollment of Master Students in 2015

    The Centre planned to enroll master students majoring in three directions, including RS & GIS, GNSS and Micro-Satellite Techno...
  • 2015/04/20

    The Opening Ceremony of IASA(2015)

    The opening ceremony of IASA (2015) was held at the 8th conference room of New Main Building at Beihang University in the morning ...
  • 2015/02/11

    Representative of the Centre participated in conference of UNCOPUOS

    Mr. Weng Jingnong and Ms.Guo Yuanyuan of Beihang University attended the the Fifty-second Session of the Scientific and Technical ...