Participants of the Centre attended SuperMap training

2019-05-31  Share

From 30th-31st May, 2019, the Centre arranged a two-day hands-on training in SuperMap Software Co., Ltd for 2018 MASTA & DOCSTA participants to learn and use SuperMap products and their application in the field of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System (RS&GIS). Here is the journal from ALI HASSAN, 2018 RS&GIS participant from Pakistan:

“The main content of training focused on highlighting technology of SuperMap GIS with 3D capability. Training program, trial software and exercise data was provided by SuperMap to all participants for practice. Training experts Mr. Li Qinci and Ms. BinBin introduced participants with the program and conducted the whole training.

       On day 1, introduction to SuperMap iDesktop . NET 9D was given by explaining fundamental management structure and data import and export. In later half, digitizing map, 3D flyover a specific route and 3D analysis was demonstrated. Participants were given the opportunity to interact with trainers all the time to make the training effective and interesting.

       On day 2, Mr. Li Qinci briefed participants about the day activities and certification. After that, Ms. BinBin started the training with 3D Spatial Analysis using SuperMap iDeskop 9D product and also 3D Thematic Maps and 2D Network Analysis.

       After completing training program, participants who successfully pass the online test will get certificates.”