Series Review of the 5th Anniversary of the Centre|Environmental construction

2019-11-05  Share

Environmental construction is an important part of the cultural construction of the Centre, as well as an important aspect of giving full play to the role of environmental education, improving the learning environment of the Centre, creating an international teaching atmosphere, and enhancing the happiness of faculties and students. Over the past five (5) years, the Centre has been committed to continuously improving and strengthening the environmental construction to create a learning and working environment with uniform style and well-equipped facilities. To this end, the Centre hired a professional team to elaborately plan and design the environmental construction. The Centre has implemented the plan step by step and made continuous progress. It has built the logo of the Centre, theme wall, idea wall, the gallery, STA library, publication display window, smart classroom, training classroom, visiting professor office, and other facilities.

From 2016 to 2017, the Centre has reformed, improved and updated the environment of the exhibition area, cultural experience area, seminar room, classroom, STA library and office, etc.

In 2019, the Centre built the Micro-satellite Mission Control Center, Micro-satellite Technology Lab, smart classroom, and updated the equipment in RS& GIS Lab.

In the future, the Centre will continue to optimize its environment and facilities to provide a better, international and humanized education and teaching environment for participants, teachers and staff who are “Down to the Earth while Aiming High”.