Satisfactory Conclusion of the Enrollment of Master Students in 2015

2015-06-01  Share

The Centre planned to enroll master students majoring in three directions, including RS & GIS, GNSS and Micro-Satellite Technology in 2015. The new semester will start from mid-September. At present, after the reviewing of application materials and online interviews, the enrollment has ended in a satisfactory way. 42 students have been admitted, including 30 master candidates and 12 doctoral candidates. And 35 of them obtained the Chinese Government scholarship, the other 7 acquired Beihang Scholarship. Among the students, 12 of them are recommended by the member states of the Centre, 29 students are recommended by APSCO(including Pakistan and Peru, the member states of RECSSTEAP), and 1 is recommended by the China Academy of Space Technology, one of the cooperative partner of the Centre.