Students Participated in The International Cultural Festival of Beihang University

2015-05-16  Share

The fourth International cultural festival of Beihang University was held in front of the Beihang Aerospace Museum on May 16th of 2015. It is a grand meeting that sponsored by the University and undertaken by both Chinese students and foreign students. It is also a chance for them to show their cultures.

The International cultural festival is divided into two parts, one is cultural demonstration and the other is programs given by students. Students from various countries showed their local conditions and customs, culture, diet and daily life through handcrafts, special flavor and national dress. Their dresses and smiles showed their love to their countries. At the place where they performed, students from different countries played national instruments and gave shows of special dance and songs, which had attracted many audiences.

The current International cultural festival has attracted students form 35 different countries, and the activities were sponsored by the AVIC International, the festival was also supported by the students’ affairs division and the School League Committee, also embassies of those 35 countries provided aids. The festival not only brought us the exotic programs, but also promoted communication among people and provided chances for students to know cultures of various countries, meanwhile, it facilitated the intercommunication, understanding and blending among countries. The International cultural festival is regularly held every year.