RCSSTEAP development strategy workshop held in Beihang University

2015-10-16  Share

October 16, 2015, Regional Centers for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (hereinafter: RCSSTEAP) development strategy workshop held in Beihang University. The meeting is presided over by Tao Zhi, the director of the Regional Centre. Present at the meeting were Ms. Yu Qi, deputy director of China National Space Administration, Li Xinjun, acting secretary of National Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, leaders of The International Centre for natural and cultural heritage of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization , UNDP China and other international organizations, partners representatives from Chinese Academy of Space Technology, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, National Disaster Reduction Center, China Centre for Resources Satellite Data and Application, Beijing UniStrong Science & Technology Co., The Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd, publishers from "Space Exploration" magazine, "space International" magazine and Science Press, leaders of International School of BUAA, experts and staffs of RCSSTEAP.

At the meeting, Mr. Weng Jingnong, executive director of RCSSTEAP,  introduced the background and establishment history of RCSSTEAP and reported the main work that RCSSTEAP completed since November 2014, the target of RCSSTEAP and the development thinking of RCSSTEAP.

Experts gave full affirmation to the work RCSSTEAP done and had a spirited discussion on the future strategic direction and the specific work content of RCSSTEAP. Experts put forward a lot of constructive suggestions from the brand establishment, teaching system establishment, IT platform development, resource integration... This meeting is benefit for a long-term sustainable development of RCSSTEAP, promotes the team institution-building and laid a good foundation for the next year planning.