Concert for New Classics of Yangqin Ensemble

2016-05-22  Share

The Concert for New Classics of Yangqin Ensemble, directed by Professor Liu Yuening and hosted by the Traditional Instruments Department of Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), was held successfully in 701 Concert Hall of their Teaching Building in the afternoon of 22nd May. The international students of Beihang University were invited to this concert.

At the concert, Mi Xuanye, a graduate student of CCOM, together with the “Jasmine Ensemble” players, presented a wonderful performance which contained 7 pieces of world-famous classic music, including the enthusiastic opening song “Lift Your Veil” as well as the touching Quintet “Sleepless Night”. International students of Beihang were all moved and amazed by this concert because of the various playing forms of Yangqin and the skilled performers. The last piece “Hungarian Rhapsody” brought the concert to its climax. The audience could not help offering a storm of applause to the performers.

After the concert, international students of Beihang was invited to take a group photo with the performers on the stage.