Representative of RCSSTEAP Attended the 59th Session of UNCOPUOS

2016-06-19  Share

Mr. Weng Jingnong, Executive Director of the RCSSTEAP (China) attended the 59th Session of UNCOPUOS from June 12 to 18 as a member of the Chinese Government Delegation. Mr. Weng Jingnong introduced the website of RCSSTEAP (China) and progress of work, focusing on its design, functional structure and main content. In addition, he introduced the students now in the Centre and students enrollment in MASTA and DOCSTA programs of RS&GIS, GNSS and Space Law in 2016. Last but not the least, he gave advice to promoting cooperation among the six United Nations Regional Centres and the activities related to “Unispace 50+”. Other representatives from Austria, Italy and SGAC also gave speeches respectively under this subject.

UNCOPUOS has 83 member states currently with more than 30 observers like International Radio Union and World Meteorological Organization. Chinese delegation constituted of more than 10 representatives from Foreign Ministry, China National Space Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CMSEO, Chinese Satellite Navigation Office, Chinese Society of Astronautics, China Academy of Space Technology, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, Beihang University and so on.

Mr. Weng Jingnong and other Chinese representatives communicated with Simonetta Di Pippo, the Director of the Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Niklas Hedema, leader of Policy and Legal Affairs Department of UNOOSA and Dr. Luke, Project Manager of Regional Centre for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). Ms. Di Pippo spoke highly of RCSSTEAP (China) and invited the Centre to participate in “UNISPACE 50+ Exhibition”. Dr. Hedema invited representatives from the Centre to attend Space Law Symposium held in Vienna from September 5 to September 8, 2016. Dr. Luke hoped that all regional centres make new contributions to “UNISPACE 50+” in 2018 actively and put forward his suggestions and ideas.

During the meeting, Mr. Weng Jingnong invited Mr. Sergio Camacho to deliver lectures at RCSSTEAP (China) and determined the schedule.

Mr. Weng Jingnong also communicated with representatives from Algeria, Oman, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and International Space University, which promoted the communication and understanding of regional centres and laid foundation for increasing new members of RCSSTEAP (China) in the future.

Mr. Weng Jingnong gave a lecture about construction, development and application of Beidou and international cooperation for resident groups and representatives of relevant international organizations in Vienna.