Environment Perfection

2016-07-11  Share

In order to provide a better environment for studying and working, the Centre plans to have renovation, cleaning and maintenance during the summer vacation. New environment will be designed to inspire students' learning enthusiasm, improve staffs' work efficiency, establish a better brand image and enhance the influence of the center culture.

The design plan has taken two months to finalize, which will be optimized from the following three aspects:

1. Space: the Centre will be divided into 4 areas; staircase wall, classroom, Chinese culture experience area and corridor exhibition area. Different areas will be designed according to different functions.

2. Chinese Culture Exhibition: Chinese culture will be displayed in corridor area, according to floor distribution, showing China space history, scientific and technological achievements of ancient China and Chinese and Western cultural exchanges.

3. Center Cultural Exhibition: collection and reorganization of center's historical materials and brand building information as references for design.

1. Front and hall: Installing light sign of “INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” and renewing the middle part of the wall in gray with screens and sign.



2. Meeting Room: Redesigning the wall in the front of the room in professional style.

Meeting Room

3. Chinese Cultural Experience Centre: A room for calligraphy, tea ceremony and meeting, decorating with wooden materials.

Chinese Cultural Experience Centre

4. Lobby: Decorating with “Down to the Earth While Aiming High” in multiple languages with white three-dimensional forms.


5. Seminar Room: A room for experts’ office and students’ discussion, improving the utilization of space in design.

Seminar Room

6. Classroom: Repairing sockets and blackboard wall; Setting “Students’ Work Show” Wall