The Environment of the Centre Was Perfected for New Experience with Chinese Culture and Art Space Together

2016-08-21  Share

The environment in the Centre was perfected during this summer vacation in order to provide a better environment for studying and teaching as well as inspire students enthusiasm in Chinese culture and space science&technology exploration. Many areas such as display area, Chinese Cultural Experience Center, seminar room was redesigned, providing new experience of Chinese culture and art space together. It will be further promote opening up, innovation and characteristic development of international education.

This environment perfection, lasted for three months, is coming to an end. Thanks to the related construction workers as well as leaders and teachers of International Schoolit has been carried out according to plan with elaborate layout design and details polishing.

The front: highlighting 3D Logo INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL with sidelight surrounded the eave.

The foyer: renewing the middle part of the wall in gray with 3D logo above and screens below.

The second-story lobby: highlighting Beihang motto MORALITY BEFORE BRILLIANCE, KNOWLEDGE AND ACTION TOGETHER

with sidelight shining the bulletin board.

The theme wall of the meeting room: redesigning the wall in professional style with gray 3D logo on white marble.

The third-story lobby: highlighting logos of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and CHINESE LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER

with sidelight shining the bulletin board.

The corridors: turning the corridors into galleries with artistic atmosphere.

The end of the corridors: shining paintings on the wall.

(The paintings are selected from Flying With the Wings of Art—Chinas Space Exploration)

Chinese Cultural Experience Center: a room for Chinese language class,calligraphy, tea ceremony and meeting.

The fourth-story lobby: educational philosophy ADMIRE MORALITY AND BE PRACTICAL, SEEK TRUTH AND BE INNOVATIVE

with pictures decoration.

The theme wall on the fifth story: Down to the Earth while Aiming Highin fourteen languages.

The seminar room: a room for experts’ office and students’ discussion, improving the utilization of space.