Representative of RCSSTEAP Attended the 10th UN Workshop on Space Law

2016-09-09  Share

    The 10th United Nations Workshop on Space Law Contribution of Space Law and Policy to Space Governance and Space Security in the 21st Century was held from 5th to 8th, September in Vienna, Austria. The Workshop provided an overview of the legal regime governing the peaceful uses of outer space, examined and compared various aspects of the broader perspective of space security in global space governance, including transparency and confidence building measures in outer space activities, and will address space law and policy in the context of UNISPACE+50. A round table discussion and six panels were contained in the programme of the workshop as following:

1) A Round table discussion on safety, security and sustainability of outer space activities in the context of space governance and space security;

2) Panel 1: International space law and policy development;

3) Panel 2: Safety of space operations and security of space systems;

4) Panel3:TCBM Implementation and the role of international entities: institutional and regulatory perspectives;

5) Panel 4: International Models and mechanisms for space cooperation and coordination;

6) Panel 5: Cooperation and capacity-building in space law and policy for the benefit of developing countries;

7) Panel 6: Legal regime of outer space and global space governance: Current and future perspectives.

More than 40 experts, scholars and officers from UNOOSA attended the workshop. Mr. GAO Guozhuan associate professor from the Law School, Beihang University and on behalf of RCSSTEAP, was invited to attend the workshop and give a speech on Role of Regional Centres: A perspective of space law and policy, introduced the development of the training and education program on space policy and law, especially the ongoing Master program on space law and policy.