RCSSTEAP Starts Space Law and Policy

2016-11-12  Share

    In order to promote the training and education of Space Law and Policy, Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (Affiliated to the United States) (RCSSTEAP in short) has set up a new master program on Space Law and Policy. Of all the six (6) Regional Centres affiliated to the United Nation, RCSSTEAP is the first to add Space Law and Policy to its list of programs being offered. This giant leap taken by RCSSTEAP would serve as a good example for other Regional Centres to follow.

    Space Law is a branch of international law, which governs the activities of states, international organizations and private persons in relation to outer space, whether carried out on earth or in outer space, in order to maintain and ensure peace, giving room for equitable participation of states, and ensuring that the activities are carried out for the benefit of all mankind. Space Law is essential to the sustainability of security and peaceful uses of outer space.

    The Centre, established on November 17th, 2014, is showing the way and setting a standard in outer space research and education. The new space law and policy program concentrates on preparing, mentoring and improving professionals from nations in Asia-Pacific Region and other developing nations in space law and policy. The members will ace and completely use the information of space law and policy, with respect to research on space law and policy, national space legislation and international space cooperation. It is worthy of note to know that capacity-building, education and training in space law will aid and promote international development and a deeper knowledge of the interdependent roles of space science, space technology and space law.

    The Master’s program which commenced on September 13, 2016 has already attracted 13 participants from Nigeria, Thailand, Mongolia, Pakistan, Turkey, Venezuela and Bolivia. Since the inception of the Space Law and Policy Program, the Centre has been inviting world renowned experts in space law and policy to lecture the participants on current topics in Space Law.

RCSSTEAP is hosted by Beihang University Institute of Space Law. The Master’s program is facilitated by educators from Law school, Beihang University and space law professionals from around the world.