RCSSTEAP Held the First Advisory Committee Meeting

2016-12-06  Share

    The First Advisory Committee Meeting of Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific(China) (Affiliated to the United Nations) (RCSSTEAP for short) was held on December 6th, 2016 in Beihang University.

    It started with a welcome address by Mr. XU Huibin, Director of the Advisory Committee and President of Beihang University. The distinguished guests present at the meeting included Delegates from Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, Venezuela, representative from APSCO and CNSA, Vice President of Beihang University and Deputy Director of the Centre. Over the past two (2) years, the United Nations (UN) Regional Centre in China, established on November 17th, 2014 has been progressing rapidly with so many laudable feats and remarkable achievements. This meeting focused on the discussion and deliberation of the future development of the Centre with representatives of the Member States.

    At this meeting, Mr. HUANG Haijun, Vice-president of Beihang University and Mr. WENG Jingnong, Deputy Director of the Centre gave reports on progress and future plans of the Centre. It was noted that  approved by Beihang University, a new school named School of International Space Science and Technology (Asia-Pacific School in short) with enrollment of four-year undergraduates taught in English would be build. It is a great opportunity for the Centre to develop undergraduate talents in space technology applications. In addition, the Centre would initiate the UN Regional Centre Alliance. Textbook Editorial Board was also in the plan, which sought to contribute to the development of the UN Regional Centres with providing a series of textbooks. The alliance of the first-class universities in the field of space technology applications in the Member States would better encourage the talent development in space technology applications. Last but not least, a forum on space technology application would be held in South Hemisphere.

    The representatives of all the Member States then gave their remarks on the progress report of the Centre and the suggestions for deliberation. All members were in support of the suggestions and they all appreciated the laudable efforts of the Centre, Beihang University and the Chinese Government.

    Mr. XU Huibin, Director of the Advisory Committee, President of Beihang University,  then declared the conclusion of the First Advisory Committee Meeting of RCSSTEAP with appreciation to all delegates and representative for their suggestions, remarks and contributions. He said that future plans would be perfected so as to optimize the working routine and encourage understanding, exchanges and cooperation among all the Member States. He noted that in the future, the Centre would continue to adhere to the vision of openness, innovation and inclusiveness as well as improving Space Education Quality, strengthening the mode of cooperation and expanding the areas of cooperation.

    This Advisory Committee Meeting encourages understanding, exchanges and cooperation among the Member States to jointly make efforts for space technology talent development in developing countries, seeking to make new contributions to the peaceful exploration and uses of outer space.