Visit to High School affiliated to Beihang University and Air&Space Museum

2016-12-07  Share

  On the morning of December 7th, delegates from the Member States were invited to visit the High School affiliated to Beihang University and Air&Space Museum.

  The High School teacher Mr. Du Wei explained the development of the School history with pictures of different statuses. He showed the paintings by students about different themes. Then, he took them to the education practice base. The delegates carefully listened to the explanation by the teacher there and had an unforgettable experience of Flight Simulator. They also visited different parts of the education practice base and many airplane models which were made by the students. During the visit, they also communicated with the students, and praised the concept of implanting space enthusiasm from young and spoke highly of the rapid development of China’s aerospace industry.

  Afterward, the delegates visited Air&Space Museum, in which four sections representing the rapid development of China’s aerospace industry. The delegates saw it as a rewarding visit and hoped they would have more chances to visit more places in China in the future.