Ada and Akande: Aerospace Talents from Nigeria

2016-12-27  Share

  Ada and Akande are research engineers at the African Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in English (ARCSSTE-E) from Nigeria. Ada have been an excellent student academically as demonstrated when he obtained a Master’s degree at Teesside University, graduating with a Distinction in Electronics and communications engineering. As for Akande, he had a master degree in Electrical Electronics with Computer & Control Option from University of Ilorin in 2010. They started working at ARCSSTE-E in 2013 as a research engineers.

  However, they were not satisfied with the achievements and stable condition at that time. They were fond of life with challenges instead of a stable one and they hoped that learning could go with all their lives.

  In 2014, a great opportunity came. Their outstanding academic performances earned them nomination to proceed on a second Master’s degree at Beihang University, China, under the prestigious MASTA Program of Space Technology Applications at RCSSTEAP.

  Beihang University, the first university in China focusing on aeronautical and astronautical education and research, is the cradle of aerospace professionals. It boasts of excellent teachers, state-of-the-art laboratory equipments, modern machines and devices needed for world class research as well as superb environment with a history of 60 years. It has always attracted a large number of students at home and abroad including Ada and Akande.

  They said that the years here had been very fantastic. The Centre has been doing well in the areas of training and capacity building such that a number of workshops, seminars and conferences have taken place in order to educate and assists the postgraduate students in their projects and make them have a better understanding of space technology applications.

  All those above made them so excited and innovated their thinking patterns. In addition, it had been quite an enlightening experience as they had learned about new cultures especially the Chinese culture and people.

  Ada said, “According to a Chinese proverb that says ‘if you want to travel fast go alone but if you want to travel far go together’ I have learned the value of team work, mutual respect and corporation.”

  In August 2016, an international Workshop on Global Navigation Satellite Systems was jointly organized by ARCSSTE-E and RCSSTEAP. They volunteered to serve as coordinators between the two UN Regional Centres, contributing a lot to the workshop as well as laying a good foundation for the cooperation between the two Centres.

  In 2016, they obtained master degrees in Space Technology Applications with excellent academic results after two years of hard work. At that time, they increasingly felt the power of knowledge and would like to further their studies.

  Finally, they made a decision to purse doctoral degree at Beihang University. And due to their great academic achievements, they became the freshmen  students in DOCSTA Programs at Beihang University in September, 2016.

  They cherish this opportunity and expressed their heartfelt thanks to Beihang University. They will continue to devote themselves to academic researches, do their best to promote space technology application and try to make a positive contribution to deepen cooperation between China and Nigeria.

  When it comes to their plans for the future, Ada said, “I have a passion to impact lives through the use of technology. I will love to see the practical application of space technology applications (STA) to positively impact the lives of people especially the masses. I like the business aspect of STA, too. If I am successful I will like to have a technology hub or incubation center where sophomore students and fresh graduate can have hands-on practical experience of technology both software and hardware before they go into the job market.”

  Akande said, “It is the wish of every human being to use what he or she has for the benefit of his own people. So I will like to return to Nigeria and use the skills acquired for the benefit of my country, ARCSSTE-E Member States and the entire human race.”

  Learning is a lifelong journey. Wish they could achieve more and have a bright future!