Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2017: the 1st Stop --Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) & Beijing Aerospace TITAN Technology Company Limited (TITAN)

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  In purpose of train MASTA and DOCSTA students for enhancing knowledge of Astronautic Culture and to promote abilities and interesting of Aerospace and in case of the 2nd “China Space Day”, Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (affiliated to the United Nations) and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization jointly organize an series of activities called Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2017. It is supported and sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT).

  As the extension of traditional classes, this series of activities are going to focus on the development of space science and technology covering academic lectures, science and cultural visits, forums and meetings which will give the participants more chances to communicate and share opinions with each other as well as have a deeper understanding of what they are learning.

The 1st Stop:

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) & Beijing Aerospace TITAN Technology Company Limited (TITAN)

  In the lovely season of early Spring when every living thing is full of energy, Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2017 began on March 23rd, 2017. Forty-two (42) students from sixteen (16) different countries took part in today’s activity.
  In the morning, all the participants arrived at APSCO. Mr. Li Xinjun, Secretary General of APSCO welcomed everybody and gave a brief introduction to APSCO. Then, Mr. Egemen Ozalp, Deputy Secretary General introduced the structure of every department. The directors of the external relations & laws department, the strategic planning department and education training & data management department are Mr. Nasir Mahmood, Mr. Manop Aorpimai and Mr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi. They talked respectively about the strategic role of APSCO, the future development and the education training projects and relative courses to make everybody understand all kinds of work APSCO is doing.

  Then all the participants visited Exhibition Hall on the first floor of APSCO. Those gorgeous models made everybody surprised and they could not wait to take photos. Those beautiful models signified a series of stories which showed the passion of Chinese scientists who devoted their whole life to space exploration and development. KEAWKAEW CHINNATAT, a participant from Thailand expressed his appreciate to have such a precious chance to visit APSCO, which made him have a better understanding of APSCO and China’s space development.

  In the afternoon, the participants visited Beijing Aerospace TITAN Technology Company Limited (TITAN). Under the guidance of Mr. Ni Jinsheng, Manager of TITAN, the participants understood the development and major technology of TITAN in detail through the  documentaries, models and photos. Mr. Ni also delivered a lecture  titled “Introduction of Aerospace Information Technology Development”. After the lecture, many participants raise questions and actively communicated with Mr. Ni.

  The rain could not stop the participants’ passion for space exploration. On the way back to Beihang University, they discussed about what they saw and learned today, they communicated and shared opinions with each other. It seemed what they talked were not only their amazing experiences but also their passion and deep love to their future career.