Midterm Assessment of the Participants in Space Law and Policy

2017-09-20  Share

On September 20th, 2017, the midterm assessment of the participants who registered in 2016 majoring in Space Law and Policy was held in International School, Beihang University according to the regulations of the UN “Programme on Space Applications”. Mr. Sergio Camacho, Former Director of UNOOSA, Mr. Weng Jingnong, Deputy Director of the Centre,  Mr. Gao Guozhu, Ms. Xia Chunli and Mr. Bo Shousheng, the supervisors of the participants, attended the midterm assessment. It was hosted by Mr. Gao Guozhu, senior expert in Space Law and Policy of the Centre.

Three (3) participants majoring in Space Law and Policy did reports on the progress of their thesis based on research background, research goals, research methodology, expected results and other aspects.

Then, Mr. Sergio Camacho and the supervisors gave their comments and advice according to the participants’ reports, answered their questions, and encouraged them to concentrate on research with clarify thoughts and determination, which would lay a solid foundation for the following thesis writing.

RCSSTEAP is the first UN Regional Centre setting up the degree program of Space Law and Policy, which is of great significance to the development and promotion of space technology applications. The first class of 10 graduate students from 7 countries (Bolivia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela) in Space Law and Policy were enrolled in September 2016. All of them, recommended by APSCO and other space agencies of the Member States of the Centre, are professionals or reserve talents in Space Law and Policy in their home countries.