The Former Director of UNOOSA Gave the 1st Educational Lecture for 2017 New International Students of Beihang University

2017-09-17  Share

On September 15th, 2017, opening ceremony for 2017 new international students was held successfully in Main Building-M101, Beihang University. Mr. Huang Haijun, Vice President of Beihang University, leaders of International School, Beihang University, the staff and all the new students attended the ceremony. Mr. Sergio Camacho, Former Director of UNOOSA was also invited to attend the ceremony, and gave a lecture on Space Science and Technology in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals, which received warm response.

Mr. Sergio Camacho congratulated all the excellent students from all over the world and begin a brand new and meaningful journey here. He hoped that all students could have great ambition and make efforts to sustainable development of all humankind in the future.

In the lecture, Mr. Sergio Camacho introduced the positive effects and significance of space technology in the development of human societies from the aspects of sustainable development goals, space technology applications, exploration of human capability, international cooperation and the like. He also shared his own study and working experiences in order to encourage the students to work hard, think more, dare to innovate and be able to “choose one career for one life time and make it perfect” in professional field.

At last, Mr. Sergio Camacho gave his best wishes to all the new international students!