Southern Hemisphere Space Technology Application and Education Forum was Successfully held in Brazil

2017-08-24  Share

During August 21st to 24th, 2017, “Southern Hemisphere Space Technology Application and Education Forum” was held successfully in Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and University of Brasilia. The forum was hosted by Beihang University, University of Brasilia, RCSSTEAP, RCSSTEALC, Brazilian Space Agency and National Institute for Space Research together. A delegation led by Mr. Weng Jingnong, Deputy Director of RCSSTEAP, Dean of International School, attended the forum.  

Taking sharing knowledge, promoting space exploration and international cooperation as missions, the forum aims at improving space technology, promoting space technology applications, popularizing space technology education, increasing exchange and cooperation of the member states of UNOOSA, and making contributions to the peaceful exploration and use of outer space.

This forum had four (4) main themes, including UNOOSA Programs on Space Technology Applications, Current Situation and Future Development of Space Technology Education and Applications, Curriculum Development of Space Tecnology Application Programs, Developing Vocational and Educational Platforms for the Youth, which mainly opened for Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and other South American countries. The delegation included representatives from Beihang University, Fengtai District Institute of Education, No.12 High School, Beijing No.18 High School, Donggaodi Science and Technology Museum of Fengtai District, nine (9) people in total, and experts from departments of Brazilian Space Agency, six (6) aerospace related Brazilian universities, Peru and Bolivia. They did reports based on the four (4) themes mentioned above and had extensive exchange and experience sharing with each other.

During the forum, the representatives also visited University of Brasilia and the Vocational Space Camp (CVT-E), and had a deep discussion with the experts on the topics of student/teacher exchange, establishment of RCSSTEAP Youth Space Base and co-launching micro-satellites together. Mr. Jin Tian, associate professor of School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beihang University was invited to deliver a report to the students of University of Brasilia.

As an important partner of China in aerospace, Brazil has a history of cooperation with China for about thirty (30) years, making a lot achievement on aerospace as such as launching China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite. In addition, as a   Member State of RCSSTEAP, Brazil keeps good relationship with Beihang University. One newly graduated student, Mr. DE OLIWIVA NOGUEIRA PEDRO HEWWQUE, has already been employed in Brazilian Space Agency, and has become the backbone of the micro-satellite project in AEB.

The preliminary agreement of this forum was reached at the meeting of the Governing Board and Advisory Committee Meeting. The success of the forum symbolized that the two-year work plan determined at the 2nd meeting of the Governing Board has been completed successfully. It also laid a solid foundation for the 3rd meeting of the Governing Board which would be held at the end of 2017.