The 1st Ability-Training Workshop

2017-11-03  Share

On November 3rd, 2017, the 1st Ability-Training Workshop at the Centre. Ten (10) participants in total attended the it. The workshop was hosted by Ms. Wu Ke, student adviser of the Centre.

Aiming at raising up participants’ awareness of cultural differences and training their intercultural communication ability, the Ability-Training Workshop 01 mainly included several parts, like ice breaker activity, small quiz on Chinese culture, group project, class discussion, etc. Adopted the form of bingo games, the ice breaker activity made participants learn more about each other and invigorate the atmosphere at the same time. In the following parts of small quiz on Chinese culture and group project, all the participants actively engaged in and share their own experiences and thoughts as well. Additionally, the participants worked in groups, completed four (4) posters on cultural difference, and also made wonderful presentations of the cultural differences they had found out.

The 1st Ability-Training Workshop was the first trial of the Centre to held workshops on cross-cultural education, and it achieved the desired aims. Many participants said that, they learn a lot of cultural difference, which made them be aware of that they could adjust to the new culture more easily by noticing the cultural differences between host culture and home culture. This workshop helped the participants get used to Chinese life style and provided as a platform for people from different cultural background to communicate with each other.

The Centre will continue to held workshops of different topics to better serve the participants. It is believed that the series of Ability-Training Workshop will improve participants’ overall competence and satisfy their diverse demands.