The 3rd Class Meeting of Spring 2018 was Held at the Centre

2018-04-27  Share

On April 27th, the 3rd Class Meeting of Spring 2018 was held at Room 505, International School. The topics of this class meeting were China Space Day and Intercultural Activities. Participants from 2016 & 2017 MASTA/DOCSTA Program were in attendance. The Class Meeting was hosted by Ms. Wu Ke, student advisor of the Centre.

Firstly, Ms. Wu Ke briefly introduced Poster Design Contest for China Space Day 2018 and showed selected works to the participants. Then, MUHAMMAD ARSALAN from Pakistan, who went to Harbin, the main conference site of China Space Day 2018, was invited to do a presentation about China Space Day. In his presentation, he talked about the origin of China Space Day and the main activities for this year’s event. With more exposure to related activities of “China Space Day”, participants would have better understanding of the development and current situation of China aerospace industry. It also inspired them to participate in more related activities and make contribution to the world space development.

Then, intercultural activities were continued. Participants from Bolivia and Brazil made wonderful presentations on their countries respectively. CONDORI MENDOZA MARCELO FERNANDO, RENE ROMAN CEREZO PAREDES and SUSTACH GARCIA DAVID, three (3) Bolivian participants of 2017 MASTA program introduced Bolivian Culture through vivid demonstrations, interesting video clips and carefully prepared souvenirs. There are rich natural and cultural heritage in Bolivia, and the culture is diverse with the integration of Western Culture and American Indian Culture. The second cultural presentation was given by three (3) Brazilian participants, STRIEDER CRISTIANO, XIE WANG DANIEL and DOS SANTOS OLIVEIRA LUAN HENRIQUE. They showed Brazil from the aspects of its history, famous universities, holidays and capital city.

The 2nd Intercultural Activity also received warm response from participants. Many participants thanked the Centre for the previous opportunity of learning different cultures in the world, which would also be beneficial for their future development in the world stage.