Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2018: the 5th Stop - China Aero Geophysical Survey & Remote Sensing Center for Land and Resources (AGRS)

2018-05-23  Share

On May 23rd, 2018, Journey of Chinese Aerospace Technology and Culture 2018 launched its 5th stop - China Aero Geophysical  Survey & Remote Sensing Center for Land and Resources (AGRS).

Firstly, Dr. Liu Rongyuan gave a lecture on Imaging Spectrometry Technology and introduced the basic principles, the data processing methods, the application in geography and environmental protection, as well as its future opportunities and challenges. After that, Professor Ge Daqing gave an excellent lecture titled “Introduction into Satellite SAR Interferometry and Its Application”, explaining the development of InSAR technology and its applications in geological survey, image analysis and commercial area. Then, Ms. Dong Lina, Senior Engineer of the Center, gave a demonstration of Land and Resource Satellite Application System through eight (8) parts including task control, data collection, data processing, interpret charting, field survey, sharing&service, data support and operation management.  She also showed participants images and data taken by the resource satellite.

Following the instruction of the staff, the participants experienced the simulated satellite launch with VR glasses. All participants listened the lectures carefully and fully participated in the experiencing activity. They also raised a lot of questions about the remote sensing satellite technology and the product service, and received answers and explanation from staff of the Centre with patience.

The participants all said that, the visit was very enriching for them and made them know more about the new technology and application in remote sensing, which would benefit their future study and professional development. They also spoke highly of China's satellite and remote sensing technology, and hoped China could have further cooperation with their home countries.