Welcome Meeting Hosted at the Centre for 2018 MASTA & DOCSTA Participants

2018-09-18  Share

On September 14th 2018, the welcome meeting for MASTA & DOCSTA Participants was held in Room 505 of Beihang International school.

At first, Mr. Weng Jingnong, Deputy Director of the Centre, gave a general introduction of the Centre as well as its development history and organizational framework. He expressed his welcome and expectations to the new participants, and encourage students to make good use of the Centre as a platform, to inspire action through learning and seek knowledge by action, and finally become space technology professionals with both ability and integrity.

After that the participants made self-introductions, coordinator Cui Yizhuo, introduced the training plan, course arrangement and practical activities of MASTA and DOCSTA Programs. She also elected class leaders and established class WeChat groups to better solve the problems that the participants may occur during the live in Beihang.

From 17th to 18th, the Centre also organized meeting for 2018 participants and their supervisors. The majors were introduced in details by the professors from different majors. The participants got a better understanding of their majors and had a clearer view of their research directions through the communication with their supervisors.

In September 2018, the Centre has enrolled fifty-six (56) participants majoring in GNSS, RS&GIS, Micro-satellite and Space law and policy in total, with forty-four (44) in MASTA Program and twelve (12) in DOCSTA Program. The participants were mainly recommended by APSCO and related departments of RCSSTEAP Member States. Being the professionals or the backup talents in related fields of their home countries, these participants are from thirteen (13) different countries including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.