Embrace National Day Theme Class Meeting Held at the Centre for 2018 MASTA & DOCSTA Participants

2018-09-29  Share

On September 29th, 2018, Embrace National Day theme class meeting for 2018 MASTA & DOCSTA participants was held in Room 505, International School, Beihang University.

First, Ms. Wu Ke introduced two (2) traditional Chinese cultural festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day. The contents included the origins, legends, customs of Mid-Autumn Festival and related poems, as well as the National Day celebrations.

After that, Ms. Yang Fan, Coordinator of the participants, introduced the detailed situation of this year's enrollment , major and number of participants of the Centre, she also previewed the relevant events and activities to be held this semester. This year, the Centre has enrolled fifty-six (56) participants majoring in GNSS, RS&GIS, Micro-satellite Technology and Space law and Policy in total, with forty-four (44) in MASTA Program and twelve (12) in DOCSTA Program. The participants are mainly recommended by APSCO and related space departments of RCSSTEAP Member States. Being the professionals or the backup talents in related fields of their home countries, these participants are from thirteen (13) different countries including Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Peru, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.

In order to let the participants spend the National Day holiday safely and happily, Ms. Yang also emphasized the holiday precautions and introduced some APP in detail to facilitate the participants' life and travel, such as Alipay, Taobao, shared bicycles and Yi Tongxing. She also recommended the documentary "China Story 2016" and two (2) books: “Best of China” and “Journey into China Series: Natural Wonders in China” to enable participants know more about Chinese culture, history and natural landscapes.

At last, some participants presented their well-prepared performances. Mr. RATUL, ADIB KHONDOKER, a doctoral participant from Bangladesh played ukulele and sang the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which won a big round of applause; Mr. NAZMUL HASAN SUJAN, a participant from Bangladesh majoring in Micro-satellite and ANA PAULA CASTRO DE PAULA NUNES from Brazil majoring in Space Law and Policy, presented a self-directed love mime, and won the laughter of all the participants.

Through this class meeting, the participants not only had a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and the study and life of the Centre, but also built deeper friendship with each other.