Intercultural Activity

2018-06-01  Share

On June 1st, 2018, the fifth Intercultural Activity in the spring of 2018 was held at the Centre. Participants from 2016 & 2017 MASTA/DOCSTA Program were in attendance. It was hosted by Ms. Wu Ke, student advisor of the Centre.

First of all, Mr. UZCATEGUI MELEAN ROBERTO JESUS and Ms. ELYKA ABELLO RODRIGUEZ from Venezuela, demonstrated Venezuela's national characteristics, local customs and practices and  humanism in terms of its national profile, historical development, religious beliefs, natural resources, climate and weather, traditional food, sports, traditional dances and customs. In addition, the two participants also shared the unique stickers and snacks with others, further deepened their understanding of Venezuelan culture.

Next, Peruvian trainees Mr. ANTERO CASTRO NIETO and Mr. LUIS RONCHI FARFAN introduced Peru's national profile, religious beliefs, tourist attractions and special diets through slides, map displays and promotional videos. The content was detailed and interesting, thus was loved by the participants.

The intercultural activities of this semester came to a successful conclusion. Through a semester of activities, the participants strengthened their understanding of cultural differences among different countries, improved their cross-cultural communication and adaptability, and better integrated into the diversified campus life of Beihang University. This series of activities is effective and will continue to be carried out regularly next term.